Welcome to Styles Out of Africa online store. Styles Out of Africa partners with other suppliers in the industry to bring African styled merchandise to you. Our goal is to;

1. Create local awareness of African Styled products

2. Promote and sale African styled merchandise.

3. Create an income opportunity for small scale businessmen and women that produce these merchandises by creating a demand for their products.

4. Donate to Health Forucs Africa.Org a non-profit organization devoted to 'Giving the Needy a Chance".

Our biggest goal is customer service. We seek to have a quick resolution time for any issues. Integrity is one of our core values while promoting efficiency within our company.

We have several warehouses in the USA. Once a purchase has been made, we expedite shipment to the customer depending on the class of shipment selected. Thank you for visiting us today.  As you shop our store, please leave us a comment on your shopping experience.

Thank you again!

Styles Out of Africa Team.